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“I had to leave my apartment for about 6 weeks and was in nursing care due to an accident. The nursing staff was so caring and so anxious to be helpful. Everyone tried to make me comfortable. I could not have been more pleased! I am still friends with some of the nurses I met and they ask how I’m doing when they see me.”
Elizabeth Young – Resident

“The location here is great. It’s close to everything and the transportation service is excellent. Whether it’s a doctor’s appointment or shopping, there is always transportation scheduled. We looked at other communities, some with tiny apartments that would not serve our purposes, and two others that were large, sprawling communities with hundreds of residents. When we first came here it just felt like home—and it feels more like home every day.”
Walt and Dee Burch – Residents

“I think the amenities and activities are great but what has really impressed me is the fellowship—there are some mighty fine people here. It’s a great place to make friends.”
“Another factor that people need to consider is there is no entrance fee involved.” “With the economy the way that it is today, a rental community with all levels of care creates a real affordable value for anyone considering a retirement community.”
Ted Russell – Resident

“I feel that Hermitage Roanoke, with its beautiful grounds, efficiently run facility, and warm and friendly staff, provides excellent care for my mother. They know immediately when she needs extra assistance, and provide it with loving care. From the front office staff to the nursing and dining hall staff, all the employees seem to know her name, which makes a person feel so much more at home. She has found a warm and loving atmosphere in which to live out her life, and I have a strong feeling of confidence, knowing she is being so well cared for.”
Donna Will – Daughter of Resident Sara Corriher

“Mom was wise enough to decide on her own initiative to move into Hermitage Roanoke. Too often, individuals wait too late to make such a move. She got to know all of the other residents as well as all of the leaders and staff members. These people became more than friends; they became part of her extended family. In short, I saw first-hand what wonderful personnel work at Hermitage in Roanoke. I can say in all honesty that they are tremendously dedicated to their work and they really care about each of the residents.”
Easley L. Moore,- Jr Son of Resident Mattie Moore

My Mother-in-law is quite plucky, belying her genteel grace and southern charm. Living at Roanoke’s retirement community, Hermitage, affords her many opportunities to participate in diverse activities and release her inner spunk. The creative Activities Director there routinely schedules fun, entertaining and often educational outings for their residents. There’s nothing too daunting for the residents to attempt, and she masterfully orchestrates each event with safety being the highest priority. Stellar outings, all!
The October highlight was billed a “mystery trip”, so I was eager to get a recap later. “We went on a hayride!” Mom exclaimed, clearly delighted at my astonishment. Trying to envision a hay wagon pulled by a tractor, filled with octogenarians and older, managing canes and walkers, having climbed into the wagon… well, it wasn’t exactly aligning with my idea of a seniors outing. True to form, they were quite safely escorted into the wagon by 3 persons, and they all had a blast! Perhaps the reason this event stayed under cover until the last minute was to avoid over-thinking participation. Mom seemed to recall her younger self, noting she’d not been on a hayride since high school. I’m afraid paint balling may be next…
Family Member