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Hermitage Roanoke Senior Living Options Overview

Levels of Living describes the full continuum of choices offered at Hermitage Roanoke. Singles or couples can move directly into Independent Living which is similar to their old homes but without the worry of taxes, insurance and ongoing maintenance costs. Assisted living residences and services are available if anyone needs support with mobility, bathing or other normal daily activities. Health Care is a distinct neighborhood within our community for those whose health require specialized teams and programs.

The Right Time, The Right Place

Assuring the right fit for one’s level of living is a key ingredient to enhance a residents quality of life. Each resident is an active participant in the initial and ongoing level of living review. No decisions are made without input from residents, family members, physical and occupational therapists, healthcare professionals, and other key staff members. The person centered process at Hermitage in Roanoke is informed by 70 years of experience and focus on our residents’ best interests.

Senior Care Flexibility

One of the best things about having all levels of living in one community is that relationships continue and families have a plan in place for anything life may hold. You and the ones you love have a plan that empowers choice, and insures control and independence.

Community Features for All Residents

  • Florida Room with Computer and Internet Access
  • Assembly Room
  • Library (with extensive collection of large print books)
  • Paved Walking Path
  • Outdoor Gazebos
  • Covered Patio
  • Exercise Room
  • Billiards Room
  • Chapel
  • Wood Working Shop

Virtual Tours

Parlor Tour

Library Tour

How to Become a Resident

To explore being a resident at Hermitage Roanoke we encourage you to come visit and learn more about our community and your personalized options. If you decide this could be your new home, we will help you complete an Application and a Confidential Financial Statement. Many other communities do not go to these lengths to be sure the community is a good fit, but we have a deep relationship and commitment to our residents. By the way, there is no application fee or obligation on your part for taking these exploratory steps. After your review is completed and approved, we will work with you and your physician to get a good baseline of your medical history. The Commonwealth’s requirements and our 50 plus years of experience has proven this screening improves lives and connects our team and residents. We want to be sure we can provide whatever our residents need so our team finds a convenient time to meet to review that paperwork with you and your family. Our marketing team has worked with hundreds of families to make sure all these details and more are communicated clearly to everyone you direct us to involve. We’ll help decide when to move and after a move in date is scheduled, we require other forms of documentation, such as copies of all health insurance cards, medical and financial power of attorney documents, living will/advanced Directives, etc.