Bring Your Heart & Make a Difference

We love our volunteers at Hermitage Roanoke. We would love to welcome you!

On any given day, community volunteers and family members are here sharing a passion, talent or skill to help enrich the lives of residents. Giving your time to support others provides a sense of purpose, contributing to happiness. It’s a simple effort that positively impacts you and our community.

We offer many opportunities to volunteer and add to the community life, including:

  • Sunday worship volunteers
  • Guest speakers
  • Musicians, artists and entertainers
  • Friendly visitors
  • Pet visitors
  • Recreation and activities helpers
  • Mail delivery volunteers
Interested in volunteering?
Call our volunteer coordinator at 540 302 2876 to learn about opportunities.
"Volunteering with my Pet Therapy Dog at Hermitage is the highlight of my week!"
— Sybille Nelson, Pet Therapy Volunteer