pathways to wellness

Let the Whole you Shine

The key to a healthy lifestyle is having the best choices to enrich the human spirit. That is why our innovative Pathways to Wellness program is at the heart of all we do.

Pathways to Wellness takes a holistic approach to empower all our residents to reach their highest potential.

You can get your blood pumping in our fitness center with the guidance of a personal trainer. Get in step in a group exercise class like aerobics, yoga, and strength & balance. Explore your artistic side in new or favorite mediums. Take a stroll on the paved walking path. Savor delicious and nutritious dining.

At every turn, our dedicated team empowers you to get on your pathway to wellness from the moment you join us.

"The creative activities director there routinely schedules fun, entertaining and often educational outings for the residents. There is nothing too daunting for the residents to attempt, and she masterfully orchestrates each event with safety being the highest priority. Stellar outings, all!"
— Family Member
Ten pathways to enrich your mind, body and spirit:
residents working out
Strength & Endurance

Hermitage Roanoke offers numerous opportunities to enhance your fitness level. From exercise classes to balance programs and a paid membership to the YMCA, our programs are a great way to build strength, develop greater self-esteem, and keep you looking and feeling great!

residents painting
Creative Expression

Even if you have never held a paintbrush or thrown a pot, we encourage artistic expression for all our residents through programs such as painting, pottery, crafts and photography.

resident enjoying some time on his Ipad
Intellectual Growth

At Hermitage Roanoke, lifelong learning is a way of life. We offer stimulating group lectures, partnerships with local colleges and universities, museum trips, book clubs, computer classes, and more to keep the mind active and growing.

residents in a book group together

Spiritual well-being is all about sharing in the journey of life and the human experience. At Hermitage Roanoke, we celebrate all faiths and offer weekly worship services, healing services, Bible study groups, lecture series and more.

residents practicing yoga
Emotional Balance

Being emotionally well is more than just handling stress. It’s the ability to understand your feelings and cope with life’s challenges. At Hermitage Roanoke, you can achieve emotional balance through opportunities such as our resident support groups, yoga, pet therapy and connections with nature.

residents volunteering
Community Outreach

Many residents give back to the greater community by volunteering for causes important to them. You can also put your talents to work on campus by serving on various committees and clubs, including our Resident Council.

cooking staff chopping greens and preparing meals for residents
Dining, Diet & Nutrition

We believe in nutritional foods to promote healthy eating habits for everyone through our renowned dining options. We also lend additional support with specific programs like our popular cooking classes.

residents playing a card game
Social Connections

Social wellness is achieved through building healthy relationships, connecting with those around you, and having a support system of family and friends. At Hermitage Roanoke, we like to have fun and make it easy to stay connected throughout the community.

resident playing the piano
Brain Fitness

A healthy mind requires stimulating activities, creative endeavors, problem-solving and reasoning. Intellectual wellness can be maintained and improved by regularly exercising the brain through stimulating endeavors such as piano lessons, Spanish classes, Jeopardy and word association games.


This pathway encompasses the many meanings of cultivation—gardening, environmental stewardship, developing new skills, following passions, nourishing friendships and more. Whether to create something or help someone, using your abilities and talents provides a greater sense of purpose and happiness.